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1. When does the season start and end?
Spring baseball starts late March and runs through mid June.  Fall baseball starts mid August and runs through October.  
2.  When will practices be?
Practice days, times and locations will be selected by the head coach. Once the draft takes place in March (Spring) and August (Fall), the coach will contact you with your practice days, times and location. 
3.  When are the games?
Game schedules will be posted as soon as possible. Spring games will be played any day of the week. Usually two per week. Fall baseball games are played on weekend. 
4.  What division should my child play in?
Please review division requirements on the main page. Players will be placed upon registration in the appropriate age division that is determined by their birthday.  Players will only be eligible to play in the division they are age eligible for. 
5.  Can my child play up in the next division?
No, due to safety and our insurance policy, your child must play in their proper age division. 
6.  Can my child and their friend be on the same team?
We DO NOT guarantee that your child and friend can play on the same team.  The player agents for the younger age groups, Little Gloves and Shetland do their best to accommodate these request because they do not hold a draft.  All other divisions hold drafts so we can not guarantee that your request would be accommodated.  Siblings and family members are an exception and will be on the same team if in the same division.
7.  Where is the complex located at?
We are located at 850 Woods Rd Pasadena Md 21122
8. Are birth certificates required for intramural registration?
  Yes, every player registration is required to have a birth certificate uploaded to the  registration.